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USA – Golf Training Aids .com

Ireland – Mark Heinemann

[email protected]

Canada – Nathan Leonhardt 

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Daniel Han [email protected] 

Minsoo Soh [email protected]


Sunshine Plus Golf Stores

South Africa – Jacques Blaauw

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Sweden – Anders Fihn

[email protected]

Australia – Performance Brands

Austria, Italy & Switzerland

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On the range

No more having to balance an alignment stick through a basket

Indoor Studio

The ideal addition to your coaching studio or simulator. 

At Home

Hone your technique precisely 

Frequently asked questions

Does it come with alignment sticks?

There is an option to have official Swing Plate alignment sticks included with your Swing Plate, or if you already own a pair of alignment sticks you can purchase the base unit on its own

Will it fall over?

No. It is made of high quality CR Steel and will not fall over. It is sturdy and strong. It weighs 800grams.

Is it suitable for Left Handers?

Yes. We have upgraded The Swing Plate so it is compatible for both RH and LH golfers

Will it fit in my golf bag?

Yes. It is portable and small enough to fit in a golf bag pocket and comes with a handy velvet bag

Can the angle be locked?

No tools are required. However, If you want to lock the angle in a permanent position, you can use the wrench included to tighten the bolt.

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