SwingPlate® is honoured to be partnering with GPOD golf. The awesome ‘GPOD mini’ alignment stick attachment is now available here and is the ideal swing & content recording companion along with your Swing Plate base & sticks. The GPOD mini is the easiest way to mount and film your golf swing. Just clamp the GPOD mini to your alignment stick and stick your phone to the magnet! The magnetic mount is made with 6 Neodymium magnets, giving you confidence your phone won’t fall out. It’s strong enough even to hold up your iPad (tablet). You can also stream your favorite sports games and/or tv shows while you practice.

Features and Compatibility:

  • Works with any smartphone and tablet up to 3.5 lbs.
  • Cradle-free design for one-handed use.
  • Connects to alignment sticks, golf shafts, car head rest, or any other thin cylindrical rod you can think of (contact us if you discover new ways to use the GPOD mini!)
  • Use your device in Portrait or Landscape mode by simply rotating your device.
  • Silicone cover protects your gear.
  • The magnets are 100% safe for your electronics.


  1. Clamp the GPOD mini to an alignment stick
  2. Stick the protective film and then metal plate to the outside of your device/case or place it in between your device and its case (for maximum magnetic hold, place the metal plate to the outside of your device).
  3. Stick your device to the magnet.

Also Included


*Shipping Prices*

Purchased on its own – £3.95
Purchased with another Product – Free Shipping
Purchased on its own – £15
Purchased with another Product – Shipping price for that Bundle / Combination of items in the basket

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