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Numerous Applications

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Groove in that takeaway or practice draws and fades

Use The Swing Plate to improve your body movement

Use The Swing Plate to reduce unwanted movement on the backswing

Use alongside the extension pole to get into that position you are working on

Use The Swing Plate in several ways to improve your body rotation and arm plane

There are dozens of ways to use The Swing Plate. We are always discovering new ways and we are sure that it will be part of your practice bag for years to come!

Our resident PGA coaches have created some content to help you

Introduction & Safe Practice

Safe Use

Head movement

Hip Slide Downswing

Steep Backswing (Arm Plane)

Fixing Trail Hip-sway

Exit Path

Take away & Backswing Plane

Fixing the Slice

Swing Plate On Tour & Coach Feedback

Pete Lockett
Jason Scrivener - European Tour
Steven Brown - European Tour
Soren Duda Golf Academy Germany
Steve Thomas - 3 Hammers Golf Complex
The Golf Barn