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Swing Plane

If you have a ‘flat’ backswing; to work on the functional swing plane, simply place a golf ball 1 club-head length away from the alignment stick that’s on the floor & adjust your other alignment stick so it is matching your shaft address position with the club you are using

Weight Transfer

Place The Swing Plate behind you and angle it so your alignment stick is about 3 inches to the target side of your target leg. Your goal on the downswing is to nudge into it

Backswing Sway

Place your Swing Plate behind you and angle your alignment stick next to your trail leg or hip. Your goal should be to make a backswing without touching the stick

Unwanted Head Movement

You will need to join 2 alignment sticks together or use a cane, but by placing a stick against your head you can monitor any unwanted head movement

Body Rotation

If you tend to lift your arms up instead of rotating your body on the backswing, you can place your golf ball about 1 clubhead width inside the alignment stick that is on the floor. Your goal is to turn your body and arms together so the club goes underneath the angled stick which is at the same angle as the club shaft you are using

Our resident PGA coaches have created some content to help you

Introduction & Safe Practice

Safe Use

Head movement

Hip Slide Downswing

Steep Backswing (Arm Plane)

Fixing Trail Hip-sway

Exit Path

Take away & Backswing Plane

Fixing the Slice

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