The Swing Plate

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Your ideal practice companion for the simulator, driving range or at home.

Multiple uses & capable of dozens of drills to help improve your game rapidly!

Features and Compatibility:

  • Multi-Functional for all levels of golfer
  • Fully adjustable by hand
  • Right & Left Handed Golfers
  • Compatible with standard types of alignment sticks & SwingPlate® Official Sticks
  • Works on any surface
  • Fits in your golf bag

What’s Included?


*alignment sticks not included in this product. See Below..

Purchase The Swing Plate with the Official SwingPlate® Alignment sticks : please click here

Purchase The Swing Plate with the Official SwingPlate® Extension Pole : please click here

12 reviews for The Swing Plate

  1. Liam King

    I’ve recently purchased the Swing Plate , with the Angle Reading plus the additional extension pole. This is an amazing golf Training Aid, and has kept me completely sane during this Lockdown. Great to see a PGA Pro developing a product during these very difficult times. Great to see an English product being sold all over the World !!

  2. Steve Thomas

    This product is simple to use but highly effective. I use it daily with my clients as it can help with a number of swing faults, including an over the top or flat swing plane, keeping a steady head (using the extension pole) and has even cured many peoples shanks, just to name a few of its many applications.

    This is a ‘must have’ training aid for any golfer looking to improve. Five stars from me!

  3. Ben

    This is truly one of the best training products for all golfers. The immediate impact for right and wrong is clearly there. Training with or without your coach with this help is paramount to better golfing. Been coaching over 27 years, played on tour and I use this every session on the range. Many thanks

  4. Toby Davies

    A great product, high quality, easy to use.
    I’ve Been using this product over the last 6 months and the results have been outstanding.

  5. Gareth Shaw (verified owner)

    The most versatile training aid I have ever used. Cant recommend this training aid enough.

  6. Mel Davies

    What a fantastic product this is. Been using it now for months and it has helped me no end….
    Simple to use and set up. It has various uses which makes it absolutely fantastic value. I can see the benefits for players like myself and also professionals when coaching.
    I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve and practice.

  7. Geoff H

    What a product! Allows me to practice effectively without my coach present! I’ve lost 4 shots off my handicap in the past 6 months and I put that down to this improving my swing plain and hip transition.

  8. Trey Niven

    I have been using swing plate for 2 years now coaching clients and for personal use. Superb product with multiple uses. Super easy and simple to use which I love as a coach as all players can understand coaching points made and also set up drills for themselves with the measurable angle.

    Great service, would highly recommend!

  9. Ryan Galbraith

    The swing plate is a great training aid to help keep me in check during my practice. There’s and endless amount of uses for the product which is why i use it in nearly all of my practice sessions! would 10/10 recommend

  10. Lindsay Evans

    I’ve been using The Swing Plate for a year or so now after my coach recommended it for a backswing takeaway drill we had been working on. It enabled me to work on this drill during my own range practice and since then I am actually using it for a completely different drill to do with my weight transfer on my downswing.
    Really useful training tool for long term improvement which can be used in multiple ways!

  11. Simon Orpe

    The Swing plate fixed my swing path almost immediately. It’s a fantastic training aid with so many other benefits. I’m a middle of the road handicaper that has a multitude of bad habits that creep in from time to time like head movement, body movement etc.. however I’ve found an hour or so down the driving range with the Swing plate puts me back on track.

  12. Paul Lambert

    We brought a Swing Plate, to support our sons development with his golf. The swing plate is easy to use, and offers him immediate feedback about his swing. It has also worked well in developing better club path and stopping excessive hip sway.

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